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Jaisalmer Camel Safari
The fascinating Thar Desert is best explored on a Jaisalmer camel safari. A two-day excursion takes in historic sights and villages of sheep and camel herders. An overnight stay in the desert offers magical dawn and sunset views amid the dunes.
After doing a lot of research on tour operators for the Jaisalmer camel safari, we decided to try Arya Tours. We had read terrible reviews for some of the big tour operators in the area while Arya Tours, a smaller private operator, had some of the best reviews. We went on a Jaisalmer camel safari in the Thar Desert for two days and one night. We thought that any more than two days on a camel would be painfully difficult and not enjoyable if we had sore butts.
Day 1 of our Jaisalmer Camel Safari
We were picked up from our hotel by Om, the owner of Arya Tours, in a car at 8am in the morning. We drove for about an hour out of town to a nearby village to see how the villagers lived in their mud houses with their livestock. Th…